Weltschmerz LP

Rhythm To The Madness is:
Klaas Voets - vocals
Wim Berchmans - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Cedric Goetgebuer - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Daan Plasmeijer - drums
Hans Degryse - bass guitar

Weltschmerz was recorded by Kris Belaen at CCR Studios in Juy 2008 and mastered by Darius Van Helfteren at Wisseloord Studios in august 2008.
All musical arrangements by Rhythm To The Madness. All lyrics by Klaas Voets, additional lyrics on 'Into Tranquillity' by Jeffrey Smet.
Additional vocals on 'Man Of Unclean Lips' by Bjorn Dossche (appears courtesy of Deathwish Inc). Additional percussion on 'Man Of Unclean Lips' by Wim Berchmans.
Cover illustration by Julien Van Vlasselaer. Lay-out by Kevin Apetown, concept by Klaas.
Band picture by Kimberly Vanbellingen. Live picture by Steven Verschilde.

Thanks to all the Soul Survivors and the Destroyers Of Devilischment. Special thanks to Filip Hermans, Geert Hollanders, Bjorn Dossche, Kris Peeters, Gert Jacobs, Filip Van Damme, Jeffrey Smet, Kristof Janssen, Erik Van Hest, Lennart Bossu.

Time is a terrible thing to waste, so the mind must think at peaceful pace. Rhythm To The Madness 2008.

1. Law Of Closure (Open Graves)

2. Time Grows Old

3. Into Tranquillity

4. Man Of Unclean Lips

5. How Our Pain Endures

6. Sleepless Evil

7. Handle The Heights

8. Where Hope Is Coldest